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Discover the Muse & Music series!

Join country music singers and songwriters Grayson, Chace, Reese, and Hunter as they navigate the highs and lows of the music industry. In the Muse & Music series, you'll find heartfelt stories of love, inspiration, and the powerful bond between melody and romance. Each novel captures the essence of finding love while penning lyrics that resonate with the soul.

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Breaking Mercy (Muse & Music #0.5) ● Ebook


Burning Muses (Muse & Music #1) ● Ebook


Background Music (Muse & Music #2) ● Ebook


Blind Melody (Muse & Music #3) ● Ebook


Burning Muses: Muse & Music Book 1 (ALL EDITIONS)

Background Music: Muse & Music Book 2 (ALL EDITIONS)

Blind Melody: Muse & Music Book 3 (ALL EDITIONS)