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Breaking Mercy (Muse & Music #0.5) ● Ebook

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Breaking Mercy is Book 0.5 of the Muse & Music Series. 
genre: contemporary romance
tropes: #workplaceromance #friendstolovers
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“I want to find someone the world needs to know. I want to find someone in the shadows and bring them to the light.”

Mercy Isbell has one chance left—one chance to prove to her father she can bring talent to the family record label, one chance to make her late grandmother proud, and one chance to prove to herself that her dreams are reachable. So, when her best friend drags her to the family bar to scout for talent, she treats the mission like it’s do or die.

And the young man who graces the stage that night catches more than her eye.

“You’d be surprised how much material you can get out of wanting someone you can never have.”

Grayson Wilder has a dream—the former drummer longs to be at the front of the stage. So he escaped his small town for Nashville to start over, and the dark-haired woman he meets at the renowned Mercy’s Bar might be the key to making those long-secret desires come true.

“I’m going to ruin my chances for a record deal so I can kiss her.”

What started as a business relationship quickly burns hot. And when their growing attraction jeopardizes both of their futures, Mercy and Grayson realize all’s fair in love and music, and some decisions live on forever.
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