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Background Music: Muse & Music Book 2 (ALL EDITIONS)

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❝ You're more than background music for someone else's life.

Katarina Roberts wants to move on--and for the men of her past to let her. So, the shop owner keeps to herself, staying busy with the day-to-day tasks of keeping her store afloat in the heart of the Ozarks.

But the sound of a knock on her bedroom window changes everything.

You never truly know how you will react to the demons in your life until you are face to face with them.

Answering that knock leads to Reese Taylor: the man who spends his nights as the lead singer of the band New Leaf, while wanting to turn over one of his own.

Take me home and take me without hesitation. Like I'm a song. Like I've never been a regret.

What started as an encounter becomes more of an entanglement when a sense of safety disrupts their solitude. As their relationship deepens, echoes from a violent past threaten to break down everything they've rebuilt. ❞

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