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Did you know that when you buy an e-book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, you don’t really “own” it? You’re technically leasing it for an indefinite period of time. But at any point, a corporation can revoke access to your purchases for any reason—if they think you’ve violated their terms of service, for example, or if they shut down their platform.

Yes, it’s convenient to purchase a book on Kindle and manage it in your Kindle app or [fill in your favorite reading app or device]. But if you have hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of ebooks contained in a single account, it might be worth it to look into your options for backing up your data.

So how do you purchase e-books so that you can really “own” them? And how do you gain “ownership” access to the books you’ve already purchased?

Currently, the answer to this question is not at all simple. So here are a few things you can do.


DRM stands for “Digital Rights Management.” According to Wikipedia, “are a set of access control technologies for restricting the use of proprietary hardware and copyrighted works.”

The most important thing to understand is that some books have DRM enabled on them, and some don’t. The ones that have DRM are more difficult to download, and you may be prevented from doing so.

In most cases, the author or publisher gets to make the choice about whether a book has DRM or not. Some choose to use DRM because they want to protect their work from being pirated. Other authors believe that DRM does absolutely nothing to prevent pirating, and only makes it more difficult for legitimate readers, such as yourself, to manage their e-book collection.

Here is a helpful article about how to tell if a book has DRM on it.

Some readers only choose to buy books that don’t have DRM. Other readers choose not to worry about this at all. But it is helpful to at least understand the concept, particularly if you are struggling to download or manage a book—it may be because of DRM.


Not all authors offer this as an option, but many authors are starting to more and more. They may offer their books for sale as a direct download from their website, or they may offer them through an e-commerce platform like Payhip. Payhip is what I use. When you purchase a book in this method, you receive and email or a download link and are able to download the ebook file directly to your computer or device.

If it is possible, buying a book directly from the author—whether through a program like Payhip, though the author’s website, or via the author literally emailing you a copy of the book—is the easiest way to get a DRM-free .epub file of the book sent directly to your email. You can then download it to wherever you store your ebook files, and upload it or send it to your preferred ebook management tool.


Did you know you can make back-ups of the books you’ve purchased?

The process for doing so will vary depending on your device and distributor—so if you buy your books on Amazon, how to back them up will be different than the process than if you buy your books through Kobo. I’m not going to go through the detailed, step-by-step process for every program and platform, but if you’re interested in doing this, I recommend searching, “How to back up my ebooks from [fill in your source of ebooks here].”

Keep in mind, if you have a lot of books, the process might take a while. Once they’re downloaded, you can simply keep them in a folder on your computer, or transfer them to an external hard drive, if you want a second back-up. Or you can add them to a program such as Calibre. If some of your books have DRM enabled, you may run into some issues with that, but again, you can search the internet for how to resolve that issue.

But the point is: the files will exist on your computer, in your possession, for you to manage however you want.

Why you should buy books directly from me:

1: I can afford to offer you savings by buying direct from me. Because I cut out the middleman, I can afford to pass on savings to you the reader.

2: You will be able to read my new books long before they become available on the big sites. My aim is to send ebooks purchased here at least 48 hours before everyone else gets them.

3: I get paid immediately after the sale and do not have to wait for 60 plus days to see revenue. How is that good for the reader? The answer comes down to cash flow.

All of my writing is self funded. That means I can't get books edited, or covers made until I have the funds available. The sooner I get paid, the sooner I can afford to put out the next book in the series. The end result is that you, the reader, will get more stuff from me, more often.

None of this means that I will stop selling my books on Amazon, Kobo, Apple, Barnes & Noble, or any other significant retail channel. It only makes sense for me to diversify my sources of income and get my books into the hands of as many readers as possible.

I appreciate that some people prefer to purchase from their favorite retailer for a number of reasons, and I respect that. My major releases will always be available on those sites, but they will always be more affordable to purchase directly from me.


You may be concerned they won’t be able to read books bought from my site on your particular eReader. I have that covered.

I deliver all of my books through a service called Bookfunnel. They ensure that ePub and mobi versions of my books are readable on any computer, tablet, phone or e-reader, including a kindle. Bookfunnel offers technical support if you experience difficulty loading my books to your device.

You can access any books you've purchase through me here. You can also see how the process works by downloading this free book.

With all of that being said, I want to thank you for your support of indie authors. Without our readers, none of us would have a chance to try earning a living from writing. 

Please check out my store selection at the link below. I will certainly be grateful for any purchase that you make, and will be adding more books regularly as I publish new material in the coming months.

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