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It is my utmost pleasure to announce that the wait is finally over, and you can now dive into the pages of The Return. I am beyond excited to share this story with you, filled with high-stakes drama, forbidden love, and family secrets that will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

The journey of Sloan, Sofie, and Adélaïde is one that has touched my heart, and I hope it captures yours as well. Immerse yourself in the gripping world of this reverse age gap, ex-boyfriend's younger brother romance, where danger lurks at every turn and love knows no bounds.

In the idyllic town of Cherry River, secrets simmer beneath the surface, threatening to unravel the lives of those entangled in a web of love and betrayal.

Lyrics never lie.

And some lovers never let go.

For singer Sloan Callow, returning to his lake house marks a desperate bid to shield his orphaned sister from the clutches of their dangerous brother, Nathan. Little does Sloan know that fate has a different plan in store.

You broke my heart before I knew your first name.

Reunited with Sofie Belle—Nathan's former flame and the object of his hidden desires—Sloan's world ignites with passion and danger. But, as their forbidden connection deepens, Nathan's sinister threats escalate, casting a shadow over their blossoming secret romance.

I was in love with the idea of you when I was a kid.

Now I’m in love with all of you.

As darkness descends upon the idyllic lake house, an unforgiving enemy sets its sights on capturing young Adélaïde—thrusting Sloan and Sofie into a harrowing battle for their lives. With the relentless motorcycle gang closing in and buried family secrets surfacing, they must forge an unbreakable bond to safeguard all they cherish.



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