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Embracing Mindful Writing: My Freewrite Alpha Experience

If one thing defines my approach to the dark world of writing, it’s my commitment to mindful device usage.

In 2017, my journey with Freewrite began when I purchased their Smart Typewriter. The Traveler model soon joined my creative arsenal, and now, the eagerly awaited addition – my Freewrite Alpha! (I went with the pretty pebble look!)

Whether moving from room to room, heading to a coffee shop, or finding inspiration, the Alpha’s portability is chef’s kiss. Its compact design makes it easy to carry in a tote or write in the car – which I have done!

Maintaining focus during writing can be challenging in an era where distractions seem like a curse on our lives. True to its name, the Alpha allows me to write freely, liberating me from the constant lure of digital distractions and noise.

The effect these devices have had on my writing process is significant and cannot be exaggerated. As someone who refrains from editing during the initial writing phase, the Alpha has made diving into the creative flow effortless. The writing stage, for me, is about telling myself the story, allowing thoughts to flow freely without the burden of constant revisions.

Finding a tool that encourages mindful and focused writing is a true gem in a world filled with distractions. The Freewrite Alpha is becoming an indispensable part of my creative routine. These devices helped me become a proud member of the 500k word club, and I’m eager to move on to the 1M club! (cute pins motivate me!)

For fellow writers or those seeking to enhance their creative process, the Freewrite Alpha might be the missing piece in your toolkit. Here’s to happy and mindful writing!

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