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Seasons in Color

A Pantone-Inspired Poetry Journey

In this free poetry prompt course, we will explore the beauty of the changing seasons through the vivid lens of Pantone colors.

While I've curated a collection of Prompts based on Pantone Art Postcards, purchase is not required. However, I've provided a link to purchase the Pantone Art Postcard set for those interested.

These links may include affiliate commissions to support the course.

Throughout this course, you can immerse yourself in Winter, Spring, Summer, & Autumn colors. You'll learn to express your creativity through poetry prompts, crafting poems that reflect the unique emotions, imagery, & inspiration each season brings.

While these prompts are designed primarily for poetry, I invite you to explore other forms of expression. Each prompt can also serve as a springboard for journaling about personal experiences or crafting scenes for your fiction writing.

Visual Inspiration

To fuel your creativity, every prompt will feature an image of the Pantone color that serves as your muse. These images will provide a vivid starting point for your poetic exploration.

You will find carefully crafted writing prompts alongside each color image. These prompts are designed to spark your imagination, encouraging you to delve deep into the world of each Pantone hue.

Course Structure:

  • Winter: Find inspiration in the serenity of Lightest Sky, Black Iris, & Celestial.
  • Spring: Explore the colors of Morning Mist, Rainy Day, & Blossom.
  • Summer: Bask in the radiance of Sunshine, Coral Haze, & Bright Violet.
  • Autumn: Embrace the warmth of Caramel, Rust, & Faded Denim.

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