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The Regret: Red Note Book 2

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She is so pure, this version of you. 
But I know the real you. 

International Popstar Charley Otto abides by two rules to protect his sanity while living in the spotlight.
1: Don’t believe anything you read online.
2: Leave the past behind.

But those rules fly out the window every time flowers arrive at his doorstep with lines from The Regret—a viral fan fiction story penned by a mystery woman that sounds a little too familiar.

I want to be some version of the person she wrote, even in all his imperfections.

Desperate to find the identity of his secret admirer, Charley hires a private investigator who finally gives him the name of the woman he deserted over a decade ago. And upon arrival at Scarlette Shannon’s book signing, the two artists realize the spark they felt that night never burnt out.

Rewrite it any way you want. Fiction and reality rarely meet in the middle. And we were reality. 

As Charley and Scarlette’s second chance fractures under the microscope of fame, threats from a shadow in their past escalate—threatening to expose the secrets Scarlette hoped would stay buried.

And all love affairs have to face the truth eventually.

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